E.A.S.T. SciArtist Pop-Up // November 10-26, 2017

featuring Austin artists Eileen McKeon Butt, Jennifer Cunningham, Jennie Tudor Gray & Trish Sierer

In addition to our TX*SCI exhibit and our freshly-stocked gift shop, we invite you to enjoy work by these four local science-inspired artists who will be hosting pop-up exhibits of their work in the gallery during this year’s EAST Austin Studio Tour. A special opening reception will be held on Friday November 10th, sponsored by Dulce Vida Tequila. This is a great chance for you to meet local artists and support their work, don’t miss it!

Opening Reception Friday, November 10th 6-9pm

EAST Weekends November 11-12 & 18-19 11am-6pm

Small Business Saturday Weekend November 25-26th 12-4pm


Eileen McKeon Butt (EAST Catalog No. 238) collage, painting, mixed media. Eileen McKeon Butt is an Austin-based painter and member of the International Association of Astronomical Artists. Eileen is also the winner of several top awards in our annual Art/Science Trading Card Exhibit. Who says that a landscape painting can’t be a scene from Pluto’s surface? Why can’t quantum mechanics inspire abstract art? As an artist, I find beauty and inspiration everywhere in the Universe, from the tiniest subatomic particles to the largest galactic clusters. The intersection of science and art is an exciting and beautiul place to be. Come and take a look! www.eileenmckeonbutt.com


Jennie Tudor Gray (EAST Catalog No. 239) collage, painting, mixed media. Jennie Tudor Gray is an Austin-based multi-media artist, arts educator, and arts advocate. She will have a trunk show of a variety of gifts and prints along with her artwork inspired by astronomy, nature, and recycled altered book art. Jennie is passionate about using community arts education as a method of social change, has shown and sold her work at various museums and galleries in Texas, been a grant recipient, and was a finalist for Secondary Teacher of the Year, 2015-2016 in her district. www.jennietudorgray.com

Jennifer Cunningham (EAST Catalog No. 240) painting, jewelry, mixed media. Jennifer Cunningham is a painter and designer in Austin creating art, accessories, and decor featuring science and space-themed imagery, as well as celebrity scientist portrait paintings. Jen will be showing a selection of her unique hand-painted mixed media cosmic art, as well as astronomy-inspired jewelry and Science Crush necklaces. www.jenheartsart.com

Trish Sierer (EAST Catalog No. 241) digital, drawing, printed matterA few years ago, I became fascinated that not only are bees form the wax of their hives into hexagons, but the surface of their eyes also consist of tiny hexagons. From there, I became fascinated by images of the geometric cellular structure in plants and in the human body. In our busy lives, we only see a fraction of what is right in front of our eyes. If only we looked a little deeper, we would see how simple the world is at its most basic level. I use my art to point out the beauty of cellular structures and to strike the viewer’s curiosity enough that they more closely examine the world we live in. Each piece of artwork begins with a desire to draw a particular geometric shape or to abstractly represent a microscopic image. Nothing is sketched out. Instead, I prefer the art to develop gradually as the ink flows from my pen. Unplanned. www.trishsierer.com

thank you Dulce Vida Tequila for your generous support

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