Meteora // March 26 – April 30, 2016

Opening Reception Saturday, March 26th 7-10pm. Click here to RSVP.

Join us for the opening of Meteora, an exhibit of contemporary art inspired by weather patterns. The exhibition features new work by artists Kim Dembrosky, Elizabeth McClellan and Mark Nystrom and opens Saturday, March 26th from 7-10pm with an opening reception sponsored by Austin-based distillery Genius Gin. The exhibit closes Saturday, April 30th with a free screening of short films inspired by weather.

Meteora or Meteorologica is the title of a scholarly text by Aristotle derived from the phraseta meteōra, which was commonly used to refer to the natural phenomena that take place in the sky. Like Aristotle, the artists in this exhibition also explore the phenomena of the skies. Using a variety of media, they visualize weather patterns including daily winds and storm events, as well as long-term temperature and precipitation data. The works exhibited inMeteora can serve as permanent records of on-location weather conditions.

About the Artists


Moscow-Russia 2013

Born in 1983, Kim Dembrosky is a contemporary conceptual artist influenced by process art, data art, and the pattern and decoration movement.  She holds a BFA in studio art from Southwestern University. In her Meditations on Climate series, each piece is made of hand painted ceramic tiles, with each tile representing one day out of a full year.  Each tile is color-coded to show the daily high and low temperatures, as measured by a single weather station in a specific location. This process is slow, deliberate, and contemplative in nature.  The resulting image is not determined beforehand, but rather revealed through the process of creation.  The use of heavy, industrial materials and geometric lines were chosen to contrast with the wild nature of weather.  These pieces are intended as a meditation on the interaction of industry and climate, the abstraction of nature that occurs through scientific measurement, and the shared experience of the climate in our daily lives.



Elizabeth McClellan is a multimedia artist whose work centers on perception of time as it relates to human environments, a theme that she explores through painting, installation, film, and theater. Elizabeth received her BA from Wesleyan University in 2009, and is currently an MFA candidate in Painting at the University of Texas at Austin. Storm Shapes is a series of drawings in which paper and pigment interact with weather events to capture the energetic gestalt of individual storms. Each individual piece is a variable or data point in the collection. Charting the duration and strength of each storm, these works contain a visible record of their making in time. McClellan laces heavy-duty watercolor paper with materials that react differently to water and force over time, creating a variable system — powdered pigments, graphite, and ink — and leaving them outside for the course of a storm until the ground is dry. The receptive substrate is affected by topography from below and weather from above.



Mark Nystrom is an artist and designer whose work explores visualizations of complex information and includes drawings, installations, projections and screen-based projects. Nystrom holds a BS from Virginia Tech and an MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. He is currently an Associate Professor of Graphic Design in the Department of Art at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Using weather instruments, custom electronics and software, Nystrom makes visual interpretations of the movement of air. He constructed an apparatus to suspend a pen outfitted with sails over paper to create real-time pen-and-ink wind drawings. Each drawing is a record of one day’s wind conditions. Curiosity about the forces behind each drawing led Nystrom to develop an extensive series of digital wind drawing processes that followed.

Calendar of Events

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Storm Shapes Demonstration with Elizabeth McClellan // TBA between April 15-30

Artist Elizabeth McClellan will create a new work in her Storm Shapes series during a forecasted storm between April 15-April 30th. Please follow our social media accounts for the announcement, since this demonstration must take place during a storm event.

Far Out Films #2 (film screening) // Saturday, April 30, 2016 7pm

FREE with RSVP at

New for 2016! We’re closing each show with a rad science movie night! Join us for this screening as Art.Science.Gallery. closes the Meteora exhibit with short films inspired by weather. Enjoy popcorn and movie candy while you take in tonight’s films! Seating is limited to 40 guests.

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