Art Submissions

We are currently not accepting art submissions, but when we are we’ll post it here. Thank you for sharing your art with us!


Art.Science.Gallery. Curatorial Statement (applies to all exhibits)

Art.Science.Gallery. seeks artwork that is steeped in and reflective of scientific ideas. The science should be apparent in the works.  We strive to exhibit work that exemplifies the integration of scientific knowledge and discovery with a very thorough artistic process. While art with partial scientific narrative or imagery with limited artistic process is accepted for review, it will not be as highly ranked in our selection process.

  1. What are we looking for?
    • First, keep our mission statement in mind. We want to engage the public in the sciences through the visual arts.
    • We want to see that there’s a sense of study of the subject in the artwork. Show through the artistic process that the artist is learning something about the subject.
    • Works with thoughtful design and choice of medium, as well as evidence of the artist’s hand in making the work will also be more highly ranked.


    What are we not looking for?

    • We do not want work that is copied from stock images or photos, we are looking for artistic interpretations of the callout subject.
    • Work where either the science or the artistry is completely lacking and there is no integration of the two will not be considered.
    • We do not exhibit reproductions of original artworks.